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Complementary Beauty Hair Butter Cream 


Non-greasy herbal hair butter cream that revitalizes your scalp and hair shaft and eliminates frizz. Conditions and nourishes hair while adding shine and moisture. Holds and styles in place. Easily shampoos out with no build up.


Directions: Use on wet or dry hair. Separate into sections and distribute to each section from root to the ends to define and hydrate. Can be used on all textures of hair.





Raw shea butter

Raw coconut oil

Jojoba oil

Jamaican castor oil

Complementary Beauty oil is a powerful hair and skin oil. Infused with a  organic growth complex that strengthens and revitalizes damaged hair. Complementary Beauty penetrates the root to seal in moisture and thicken the hair shaft . Which is beneficial for the skins appearance and it promotes elasticity and softens skin.



Directions: For daily use , apply a small amount to hair, scalp or skin . Message in using your fingertips. 



Tea tree

Castor oil

Olive oil

Cedar oil  

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